Client Testimonials * – For Pinner & Northwood Thrive Consultancy, Anne Costelloe

* These results can vary from person to person and may be dependent upon the amount of effort a person puts into changing their beliefs


Anne-Marie, Harrow – Thrive Programme for Anxiety plus stopping smoking 
What can I say about the Thrive Programme? Apart from it’s the best thing you can ever do!  For as long as I can remember, I have lacked confidence, suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, and felt pretty much worthless. I have had so many chances to do great things that I shield away from because I never felt good enough and put all the good things in my life down to external factors.  Even the amazing things I have achieved in my life were never processed, it was always by chance or I was just lucky that day that’s why they happened! Nothing was ever about me!  What I achieved or what I was capable of, I didn’t see until I went to see Anne,

From the first week I felt different!  I don’t mean to sound corny but it’s the truth. I walked out of my first session with Anne feeling like I can do this, I can change. From the first week I gave up smoking, it was so easy once I broke down the belief systems I had about me ‘addiction’. It’s been over two months now, and I have not craved a cigarette once, not even when I’ve been out with my friends having a drink. Which I expected to be my biggest challenge but it wasn’t, I didn’t want one!  It felt amazing to be in control in a positive way.

In the 7 weeks since seeing Anne for the Thrive Programme, I got a job, I passed my driving test and completely changed my thinking and my life.  It feels so lovely to wake up in the morning happy and know that I can cope with anything. Don’t get me wrong I have my off days nobody’s perfect!  But it’s knowing I have the ability to gain perspective of a situation, and control my unhelpful thinking that have for so long now plagued my life!  Plus be happy.

Please if you are like me and have been walking through the mud for most of your life, please try the Thrive Programme, it really is amazing!  Step out onto that smooth pavement called a great life!  Live the life you deserve to have, you will never look back.

Mr B,  Hatchend – Alcohol consumption and Stress

“When I first became aware of the Thrive programme, I approached it with trepidation as I am very stuck in my ways and stubborn, so didn’t think I would take away much from it.  How wrong I was!  The Thrive Programme has helped me greatly in all aspects of my life.  It has benefited me at work as well as with my family life.   I was always time poor and constantly firefighting and under great stress.   I have now completely changed my approach and have learnt that I am in control of my life and things only happen to me if I let them.  I fully recommend the Thrive Programme, it is liberating and I can honestly say that it has helped to set me on the journey to changing my life for the better.  I wish to thank Anne who has been an amazing coach and guide for all the help and assistance she has given me.”

Thank you!

Alan, Pinner – Thrive for Social Anxiety

This is life changing.

I am a 50+ year old professional who, following the usual redundancy/career change crisis found myself landing a good job but needing to do lots of presentations – something I had always meticulously avoided having been terrified of public speaking since my school days.

I consulted Anne and had one hypnotherapy session following which I immediately lost 80% of my fear and found myself, whilst still experiencing a degree of nerves before presenting, able to manage them and actually enjoying the presentation work I had previously been dreading. It is no exaggeration to say this probably meant I kept that job! (I now have no fear having proved to myself I can do it several times).

Anne then recommended I did the Thrive course having identified the main cause of my lack of confidence as being social anxiety – something that surprised me to be honest.

I agreed albeit I was sceptical. I was wrong. I learnt so much about myself: – the way I thought and processed things; the bottled up anger; the anxiety; the lack of self esteem…the list goes on.

The Thrive course is more than just a self-help book. It is a therapy that, providing you are prepared to take a hard look at yourself and try to change things (Anne guides you through how to do this with practical simple exercises), changes your whole view of life.

It can’t and therefore won’t make everything in your life suddenly better or wonderful, but it will give you the tools to deal with the inevitable knocks and setbacks and allow you to always move forward positively.

In a couple of months I changed from feeling depressive, anxious and sad to feeling confident, good about myself and being more successful. If there is one word that describes what the course achieves, it must be “empowerment”.

If you are reading this wondering whether or not you could/should try something like this then, by definition, you do need to. I would have wished you good luck before doing the course but, as I now realise, there is no such thing as luck and as we are in control of what happens next, I will just say “do it”.

Graham, Uxbridge – Confidence

I came to you because I felt like I wasn’t as happy in my life as I should or could be. There wasn’t really anything specific, but I evidently lacked self-esteem and suffered hugely of social anxiety. I didn’t realise to what extremes until I went through the ‘Thrive’ Changing Limited Beliefs programme with you. Since using the DREAM technique, which I started to use early on, I have noticed a marked improvement. I am managing my thinking more, and am not brooding as much, am more positive in my general outlook, noticing when I start to berate myself, and am starting to look people in the eye a lot more. My friends have observed me smiling more often, and comment regularly on how happy I seem. I’m not totally there yet, but I’m a long way from where I was, and as long as I continue to work hard, using the techniques you gave me, and keep praising myself for achieving my goals, I will only become more and more content. I have next to my bed the phrase “every day, and in every way, I’m getting better and better”, and it’s absolutely true. Thank you for your work and guidance. I am indebted to you.

Maria, Poland – Weight & Self Esteem difficulties

I would without highly recommend Anne as an excellent Therapist regarding all symptoms with which you may be having problems with. The first time when I went to meet Anne, I didn’t realise with how may different problems I was struggling with and fighting on daily basis. I think took me about 3-4 sessions to fully understand my problems and when they started. When I was 7 yrs old I was living with my dad who was an alcoholic and my mum who had always suffered from deep depression. She spent most of her time in a mental hospital and I had no one to talk to and felt so lonely. I had also been sexually abuse when I was 12 years old and since then I never ever realised I have a strong desire to control everything around me. My life was so complex but the funniest thing is I honestly thought my biggest problem was my weight.

Going through the Thrive programme with Anne my changed life totally and saved me from being a depressed unhappy young woman who had forgotten how to really laugh with my whole heart. I have changed so much inside; I am much more stronger then I ever imagined I could be and I am proud of myself with all the things I have achieved even the little things, these are my victories. Thank you very much Anne xxxxxxxx

Dan, Harefield – Claustrophobia

I’ve ‘suffered’ with claustrophobia for as long as I can remember. I would always try to avoid situations that brought on the symptoms. It started off with small gestures, such as getting out of the queue for a roller-coaster (because I hated being clamped down by the safety bar) and eventually progressed to avoiding any situation that was even remotely enclosed. I would always have to sit in the front seat of a car, stand at the back of the crowd at gigs and get out of elevators if there was anyone other than myself in them. I’ve walked up hundreds of flights of stairs while my wife and friends have been waiting for me at the top having taken the lift. My symptoms progressed further and further until I realised that something had to be done. I visited three separate doctors and explained that I’d been having panic attacks and that I needed some help. Needless to say, none of them were much help (in fact one actually laughed and told me that I needed to ‘toughen up’). I began to get used to the idea that I would never be able to rid myself of this burden, until one day at work somebody mentioned that they had undergone hypnotherapy to deal with their vertigo. I eventually stumbled across Pinner Hypnotherapy and booked a consultation. As soon as I met Anne I realised that there was nothing to be nervous about, and more importantly, that she knew exactly what she was talking about. We decided on the best course of action and booked 4 sessions in advance. At first I was a little apprehensive, but before long it became second nature and I would actually look forward to our weekly sessions. I was given work/exercises to do throughout the week, each one more eye opening and life changing than the last.

All in all, I think that going through the Thrive programme with Anne is one of the most important things I’ve done. It’s changed my life and given me the tools to deal with my claustrophobia….and life! I now get into lifts without hesitation and don’t even think about standing in crowds. I’ve also got a better understanding of how my head works. Since my sessions have finished, I’ve been trying to convince everyone that I know and love to work through the Thrive programme.

Anne is a lovely lady. She is very friendly and intelligent and made me feel comfortable during our sessions. She made all my options very clear and helped me all the way through. I’ll never regret going to Anne and I’d urge anyone with a problem (no matter how big or small) to go and see Anne…she’ll sort you out!

Dawn, Harefield – Jaw and Neck Pain

I contacted Anne because I’d been had experiencing neck pain for a few years, which I believed was caused by my teeth clenching particularly at night. I’d tried massage, mouth guards and spent hundreds on various treatments which only temporarily helped with the pain. I didn’t know what to expect when I went to see Anne and I immediately felt comfortable with her. We had a long chat and we decided that the best course of action for me was to complete the Thrive course. Over the weeks that followed I realised I was stuck in a deep cycle of negative and obsessive thinking and this was affecting every aspect of my life and not in a good way. I worked through the Thrive book on my own and with Anne and I’ve changed from feeling powerless, anxious and lacking self-worth to now being in control of my life and feeling confident and enthusiastic. I appreciate all the nice bits now, instead of dismissing them and just focussing on the not so nice bits. As I changed my limiting belief systems which were holding me back I began to relax and it followed that my teeth clenching and neck pain significantly decreased. At the moment I’ve got several initiatives on the go to raise funds for an animal rescue centre and I’m doing really well. Thank you for suggesting Thrive Anne, I can’t recommend it enough.

Paul, Harrow – Nail Biting and Social Anxiety

In my 47 years of living biting my nails has been an embarrassing and shameful constant. Other than a couple of short term hypnotherapy driven bouts of desistance my lifelong habit of nail and skin biting returned to inflict further self loathing and pain. Searching for further hypnotherapy I was fortunate enough to find Anne and after an initial discussion with her it was obvious that hypnotherapy would only treat the symptom and would only ever be a short term solution. Anne suggested the ‘Thrive programme’ exploring my limiting beliefs. I was sceptical after many years of other therapies and processes. I was amazed. After 4 sessions I had stopped biting my nails and chewing my skin. I learnt so much about what makes me tick and finally stopped giving myself a hard time for all the things I was not and instead started giving myself credit for all the positives. It’s been 4 months now. I am so proud of my nails now and how my thinking and internal dialogue has changed. ‘Thrive’ has changed my life. I will be forever grateful to Anne for her expert help and insightfulness. Right time, right place, right process!

Maria, Greenford – Sexual and Relationship Difficulties

From the onset of my therapy I had many doubts. I had lived all my life in a shell, hiding from many insecurities and dealing with all my problems in the same way; which was to ‘hide’ behind a mask of pretense. Due to a change in my personal life, I decided to go for therapy. Anne was highly recommended to me. Anne was a wonderful therapist from the start, kind, calm but firm when she needed to be.
I found myself able to relax and really trust a person for the first time in my life. While undergoing therapy, I discovered the bottled up emotions which contributed to my insecurities. I had blocked this from my memory totally and had never faced up to my past. With this discovery, I have been able to release my inner fears and become stronger as a person, allowing myself to free myself of the guilt and shame that I had carried all my life unknowingly. I went to Anne as a confused, insecure and deeply unhappy person and have left therapy as a ‘new’ person. I feel so much stronger and happier in myself.

I would like to thank Anne from the bottom of my heart.

Sophie – Relationship Difficulties

Sophie – Thrive is essential for everyone!

Firstly I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Anne, she is absolutely wonderful, the most kindest and caring person I have ever met! Thrive was introduced to me by Anne at a time when I needed some guidance in my life with various changes in circumstances which I found quite overwhelming. This program is absolutely life changing! It challenges your limiting beliefs going right back from childhood, how life experiences affect you, how you process your thoughts and much much more. In areas Anne challenged me which was really good as she gave me a greater understanding of the Thrive program.

The techniques within the program are just amazing too and you will be surprised how simple they are to do, even for young children.

In our house we make a fun game using these techniques and the results are just a joy to watch my children being so happy!!

I cannot recommended Anne and Thrive enough, once you have done Thrive you’ll never look back.

Jane, Ickenham – Weight Loss and Social Anxiety

I came to Anne as an emotional mess suffering with several symptoms including depression, anxiety and over-eating.  A huge and upsetting issue for me before I began my treatment was that I could not lose weight. I would try, fail, gain more weight and the cycle would start again. Since I completed my treatment, I have been losing weight in a healthy way and my relationship with food (and alcohol) has completely changed… But that’s not all!! My relationship with my boyfriend has got so much stronger since I completed my therapy and we will be moving in together very soon. I used to be so fearful of confrontations, whereas now I welcome them. I’m not afraid of anyone’s words anymore. I am even studying for a career in a profession I have wanted since I was 16 but was too afraid to work for. Some parts of my life will take me a little longer to change but I’m working on them and enjoying the challenge… I’m no longer “putting up with” my life, I’m living it. I could never thank you enough Anne, you gave me my true self. I would recommend the treatment you offer 100 times over and wish you every success in the future.

Laura, Middlesex – Painful Sex

I had issues with painful sex. I felt I was the only one suffering from this and felt very alone. I decided to consult help for this as it was making me very unhappy. Seconds after meeting Anne, I knew I could trust her. I felt very at ease and comfortable. I knew instantly I could talk to Anne about anything and would not be judged or humiliated. 11 weeks into my therapy and not only had my issue been completely resolved, I also found confidence in myself that I thought I would never find again. I cant thank Anne enough for all her support and would recommend her help to anyone.

Jennifer, Middlesex – Fear of Sexual Intercourse

Hi Anne, I did promise that I would let you know once I had overcome my fear, and I wanted to tell you that I finally have. Thank you for all your help and support. I will always appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Debbie, Middlesex – Fear of Flying

“Thank you Anne for your help with my fear of flying. I used the techniques you taught me to reduce my anxiety and to also think in a different way about the flight. For the 1st time I was calm before and during the flight and had no anxieties at all.”

David, Middlesex – Fear of Flying

“Hello Anne, I wish to thank you for the proven results your sessions gave me for my anxiety attacks. My wife and I were regular tourists travelling to such places as Florida, Europe and South Africa.. However over the last four years I started to get panic attacks once the aeroplane had landed and passengers stood in the aisle. I was also getting claustrophobic on the underground trains and in lifts. Our holidays abroad stopped because I was frightened of loosing it! My understanding wife suggested I sought advice as she desperately wanted to fly to surprise a member of her family with me. I took courage and found your advertisement on the Web. Not once did you make light of my very real problem. You gave reassurance, advice, information and guidance.

It worked. I FLEW. Not only that but on the way home by Tube the doors on the train were a long time opening, so long in fact that previously I would have been very agitated and starting to panic. NO PROBLEM. Only yesterday at the local hospital the small lift I was in, its door were also very slow to open. Again NO PROBLEM. Thank you.”

Sophie, Beaconsfield – Fear of Flying

“Sorry I haven’t let you know sooner, I only got home on Tuesday due to the volcano. Any how, just wanted to thank you for your help. The flight went good, I could say I even enjoyed it…I did it and I am very proud. Thank you very much for your help”.

Margo, Middlesex – Fear of Flying

“I came to you wanting a quick fix for my fear of flying and after having completed the Thrive programme, I am pleased to say that I have now flown twice and looking forward to many more trips. The Thrive programme works and has not only helped me with flying but with many other aspects in my life. I so enjoyed my sessions with you and feel so much calmer and positive about everything. I cannot thank you enough Anne for helping me through the Thrive programme and I have already recommended it to several of my friends.”

SK, London – Anxiety & Low Self Esteem

“I came to see Anne because I had problems with confidence and negative thinking and thinking too much about the past. I can honestly say that after the sessions I feel much better about myself now. I feel more confident, positive and enjoy doing things I wouldn’t normally do.

I would definitely recommend Anne, I clicked straight away with her. She is very kind, caring and extremely friendly and non judgmental.

Thank you Anne for all the time and effort you put in to me.”

LC – Middlesex – Anxiety & Low Self Esteem

“Just dropping you a quick message to say thanks for all your help. I was always feeling a sense of anxiety and a lack of confidence during certain situations I encountered in my life including when I had to cold call for new clients in my business. I’ve noticed significant improvements in some of my close relationships.

I’m looking forward to a better future for me and my business. Thanks again Anne.”

Mr A J, Ickenham – Lack of Confidence & Social Anxiety

Hi Anne, hope this email finds you in great spirit.

I wanted to touch base with you to let you know how I am getting along after the course. You will be glad to hear that I have set my goals (personal and professional) and working towards achieving them one-by-one with great confidence and full commitment.

I have also started playing tennis again, the sport I love so much, which I was dilly-dallying with excuses like knee problem, out of touch, etc. Not anymore! Thrive programme has brought about so much confidence and positivity in my outlook that I feel so much more alive. I have immense self believe now and even more ‘trust’ myself than anything else external!

Thanks a ton to you Anne for guiding me to the path of ‘liberation’ – liberation from low self esteem, self doubt and insecurity and also guiding me to the path of ‘glory’ – BELIEF! I will endeavour to remain in the path of glory and feel liberated.

I shall remain indebted to you forever. I wish you all the best and that you achieve everything you wish for in life. You deserve every bit of goodness in life.

Anti, Middlesex – Social Anxiety

“Dear Anne

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. You are a wise “healer”…thank you for helping me get through what I have to get through. I’m happy with what I’ve achieved with your help and I’ll do my best to make it last.

Thank you again Anne, and all the best wishes for years to come.”

JT, London – Help with a Stressful Job

“Thanks Anne, the sessions have really helped me to cope with my pressures at work due to the very high stress levels of my job. I have found that I am sleeping much better too. I use the CLB “dream” technique you taught me if I feel myself getting stressed and I am managing not get overwhelmed like I used to. Colleagues have commented on how calm I am and I will be recommending you to them. In fact, should I need another relaxation session in the future, I will give you a call.”

Hazel, Ruislip – Thrive Blushing

Hi Anne

Things are continuing to progress really well and I could swear I’m actually blushing a lot less now! As a result, even if I do, it bothers me much less than it used to which is a real plus for me, particularly at work. I’m also managing to use the DREAM technique to identify negative thinking patterns and correct them when they happen, certainly whenever I’m aware its happening. My golf has improved by visualising success but it’s amazing how quickly mistakes happen if I let this slip and I let my imagination take over!

I haven’t been tested by any encounters with my husband’s friends & partners yet but the prospect does not eat me up inside as it used to and I’m no longer concerned whether they like me or not, in fact, as time moves on the whole thing just feels quite neutral.

I’ll keep in touch,

Best wishes

Mr H.S, Pinner – Thrive for Social Anxiety

There is no doubt that going through the Thrive programme with Anne Costelloe has had a profound positive impact on my previously poorly managed thinking. The Thrive programme tackled my self-limiting beliefs, improved my self-esteem and lowered my social anxiety. Most importantly I now have a much stronger internal locus of control which basically means “I’m in charge”. I can’t recommend it highly enough as it’s practical and it works.

Best regards

Derek, Ruislip – Thrive for Neurological problems and low self esteem

I saw various other therapists and my response was negative. When I first came to see Anne I was feeling very very low but after the consultation I felt positive and knew I was going in the right direction. I worked with Anne and the Thrive training manual, changed my thinking and am feeling much more positive. I have improved my self esteem. Whatever I do I believe in myself and know my decisions are right for me. Anne is a lovely person and has really helped me to feel better about myself. Thank you Anne.

Miss MF, High Wycombe – Emetophobia (fear of being sick)

“I have been doing really well. I am sleeping a lot better. I still get a bit nervous…but nothing like the state I use to get in so hopefully with a bit more time that will be gone completely! My uni work is going really well now and I really feel like I have turned over a new leaf!”

Thanks again for all you did. You really put in a lot of extra time and effort, and I cannot thank you enough for that. Kindest regards, Michelle.”

MP, Buckinghamshire – Emetophobia (fear of being sick)

“I must admit to feeling slightly dubious that anyone could help me overcome my fear of sickness and other people vomiting. I decided to take the plunge and book an initial appointment with you. After meeting you  I knew that I had nothing to lose and possibly lots to gain. After the first session I just knew that you were going to be able to help me. You told me that you would look after me and you certainly did, you made me feel safe, protected and cared for and I never felt judged throughout the treatment. You told me that lots of things would change and yes I am happy to say things are slowly changing. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne to anyone.

Miss LC, Eastcote – Depression

“I have been suffering from and receiving treatment for Depression and anxiety for three years since the birth of my daughter, along with yearly bouts in previous years, been through various Psychotherapy sessions resulting in feeling hopeless with ever depleting confidence. I was feeling fearful, unmotivated and trapped. Enough was enough and coming across Anne’s leaflet I contacted her. I was immediately given hope by Anne and knew that she was going to help me. I had 8 sessions in total.

It really is quite an amazing experience with such a simple theory behind it.  I always felt safe and unjudged. I truly believe that everyone carries some issues that affect their lives, some more obvious than others but that everyone would benefit from seeing Anne. It has been my saviour, I finally feel that life is worth living and just the day to day things that I was struggling with are becoming easier. I have stopped my nightly drinking habit, walk more rather than drive, eat less, stopped biting my nails and have lost 3lbs. in weight.

As I said at the start, things can only improve at this rate as my interest and care of myself develops. I’m actually quite excited about my future…I just wrote this from the heart Anne and I hope that someone in my previous condition will read it and feel inspired to come to see you!”

Mo, South Ruislip – Weight Issues

“Hi Anne,

I just wanted to let you know how glad I am to have found you after having had a constant battle with my weight throughout my life. I finally feel as if I am making progress with my weight which you have seen me through over 8 weeks. Who needs surgery when you can have someone like you to take me on this adventure to a new slimmer me.

To help along the way I am logging my journey in a wonderful little book which I found that says on the front “I’m going to be gorgeous and this is my plan…” and on the back cover it says”Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together”. I am in my 10th week now and I have lost 19 pounds and dropped a dress size already so I couldn’t be happier. It will be a big day when I can say I am 12 stone and so many pounds and I haven’t said that for 33 years. Bring it on I say.

Thank you so much Anne I am so very grateful for your kind and gentle manner and you will be forever be that special lady who helped me get my life back and not to be that large women ever again.”

Charmain, Northwood- Hypnoband “It’s a Miracle!”

“Hi Anne,

Just wanted to thank you! Its been roughly 7 months since I saw you.

I had the shock of my life only a couple of days ago… I saw some old photos which a friend had put on Facebook in 2009… all I can say is OMG!!!! Back then, not once did I ever think I was that big! I was clearly fooling myself, at 5’2″ & size 16/18, I was ‘Clinically Obese’ … which I never saw, due to years of being content in my long term relationship and over eating for the sake of it, no matter how much was on my plate, I would clear the lot!! Every year I would start a Weight Watchers mission, and every year it would last a maximum of 4 weeks, then slowly, I would creep back to the downward spiral of gorging, each time putting the weight back on plus a couple of pounds for good measure…. at my heaviest i was nearly 12 STONE!!!!!

But thank god I came across you!!! 7 months post seeing  you and I have lost and kept off 17 lbs!!! I am very happy with myself and even though I have a few wobbly parts, they are fine and part of me … it is a miracle!! I am eternally thankful and am telling everyone about you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Lots of love, C”

Julie, Hampshire – Claustrophobia & Fear of Travelling on Trains

“Hi Anne

I am delighted to give you a testimonial for my therapy:

Today, I find myself standing on the busy Bakerloo line back-to-back with the other commuters, deep in the tunnels of London wondering “what was all the fuss about!”.

Six months ago, even reading this statement would have sent a shiver off fear through my body. I was unable to travel on the underground, refused to get in a lift or lock a toilet door. Even to the point where I was starting to stress about going in a cinema, or on a fun fair ride. Anything that I was unable to “get out off/out of” would cause me anxiety.

When my children started to take the stairs instead of the lift, I decided enough was enough and I searched the web for help and found Anne. My first consultation was encouraging with Anne saying she could help me. These words where like a breath of fresh air!!!

I was sceptical at first as my knowledge was little, but Anne directed me through my sessions. I felt confident and safe with Anne at all times and really believed in her!

My controlling fear is now released and I find myself doing things I thought were impossible for me. Thanks Anne, I couldn’t have done this without you.

Lots of love, Julie”