Anne Costelloe, ATPC Licensed Thrive Consultant in Pinner & Northwood

dsc04953I have been personally trained by Rob Kelly, Director of The Thrive Organisation, to have a deep and thorough understanding of the Thrive Programme which is based on sound psychological principles and is fully backed up by research. 

It is probably not too much of a claim to say that Rob Kelly and the Thrive Consultants may be collectively the most knowledgeable therapists in the field of Emetophobia anywhere in the world for which there is a separate programme!

Mr B,  Hatchend – Alcohol consumption and Stress

When I first became aware of the Thrive programme, I approached it with trepidation as I am very stuck in my ways and stubborn, so didn’t think I would take away much from it.  How wrong I was!  The Thrive Programme has helped me greatly in all aspects of my life … I wish to thank Anne who has been an amazing coach and guide for all the help and assistance she has given me.

I have been helping hundreds of people since 2007  and I am passionate about The Thrive Programme ever since it was first created by Rob Kelly, CEO of The Thrive Organisation.

My background is NHS based for over 20 years and I have experience of people who have been effected by psychological and also severe physical illness; this experience has enabled me to help people to understand why they experience difficulties in their lives. I feel being a Thrive Consultant is an extremely rewarding career and feel privileged to be able to pass my knowledge onto vulnerable people and help them to gain positive life changing self insight.  I’m a member of The ATPC – the Association of Thrive Programme Consultants, and abide by their their strict code of ethics based around respect, responsibility and transparency.

My controlling fear is now released and I find myself doing things I thought were impossible for me. Thanks Anne, I couldn’t have done this without you.

I have trained since 2004 in different types of therapy which include hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and Pure Hypno-analysis with the IAEBP Acc which I gained advanced qualifications.  Many people contact me initially because they want hypnotherapy, which can be great as a quick fix, but I believe that nothing compares to Thrive in terms of the speed and simplicity with which people can completely change how they feel about themselves.


Anne’s Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

 Accredited Thrive Programme Consultant
 Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Pure Hypnoanalysis from the IAEBP Acc
 Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis from the Hypnotherapy Control Board
 Licenced Hypnoband Practitioner
• Member of the Hypnotherapy Register


Continual Professional Development (CPD) is a regulatory requirement within Psychotherapy and Anne is committed to regularly attend advanced training and research sessions in the fields of Positive Psychology and related areas.  This includes keeping knowledge up to date with current research within the Thrive Organisation and attending Thrive Consultant continual training sessions with Mr Rob Kelly, CEO of the Thrive Organisation. 

Anne is a parent herself to one child plus is also a legal guardian to her niece who is a teenager and currently being educated in a UK Boarding School who spends short exeats with her.   This personal experience gives insight into how children and teenagers can experience difficulties whilst they are going through emotional and physical changes.

One of Anne’s areas of expertise is working with children from the ages of 5 yrs up to late teens; she uses gentle parenting skills in sessions ensuring they are based on fun and rapport building techniques to enable the child or teenager to quickly feel comfortable to receive help for their symptom in a safe environment.  It is important that children under 16 years of age are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Elizabeth and 10 yr old Alice – Anxiety

Thanks for everything Anne.  People keep on commenting on how Alice and I have changed especially when dealing with challenging situations.

Advanced DBS checks are undertaken on individuals who work directly with either children or vulnerable people and Anne’s Advanced DBS check certificate is available for any parent or guardian who would like to view this before their child or vulnerable adult undergoes treatment with her.

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