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Fears and Phobias are extremely common and are experienced by at least 11% of the population at some time in their lives. Some of the most common are fears of spiders, snakes, flying, birds, needles, vomit, fear of open or enclosed spaces (such as fear of lifts or fear of tube trains), fear of going out and fear of heights. Indeed, people can develop a phobic response to almost any situation.

What causes phobias?

Put simply, it is the sufferer’s lack of emotional control when thinking about, or being in the presence of their feared stimulus: the huge amount of stress and anxiety they are creating by the WAY they are thinking about their feared object or event. People with phobias nearly always attribute their fear to the stimulus itself; most people suffering from a phobia know logically that their response is irrational and unjustified. For example, a person with a snake phobia in Britain knows that there is no risk of them being bitten by a snake, and yet the thought of one can terrify them. The same to spiders. Likewise a person with a fear of flying may know logically that it is the safest form of transport but still are terrified at the thought of it. How is this possible?

Most people don’t look ‘internally’ or at their own particular ways of thinking to try to understand or change their phobic response…and that’s where the answer lays. It is in the way that we misuse our imagination, often to imagine the worst-case scenario that creates and maintains our fear response. Phobics will also do their best to avoid the feared stimulus – and by telling yourself it’s so scary that you can’t even face it will have the effect of helping you to feel even more fearful and powerless in your emotional response.

Some of the more common phobias The Thrive Programme helps people to overcome include:
Arachnophobia – Fear of Spiders. Half of women and 10% of men have a fear of spiders.
Agoraphobia – this involves intense fear and avoidance of any place or situation where escape might be difficult or help unavailable in the event of developing sudden panic-like symptoms.
Claustrophobia – Fear of being trapped in small confined spaces.
Acrophobia – Fear of heights.
Carcinophobia – Fear of cancer.

To gauge the degree to which your fear is affecting your life, ask yourself the following:

• Do I spend an excessive amount of time thinking about my fear?

• Does this fear make me do things the hard way, such as planning road travel so as to avoid driving over bridges, or walk the long way to the shops to avoid a neighbours dog? Does it prevent me from going on holiday to where I would really like to go?

• Is my fear affecting my physical condition?

• When I think of this fear does my pulse increase, do my hands shake, do I feel nauseous?

• Does this fear make me feel down or depressed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are likely to have a phobia and The Thrive Programme will help you to overcome help to overcome fears and phobias in Chelmsford.

The Thrive Programme comes from a completely different angle to any other treatment, therapy or intervention. Using the Programme, anyone can learn how to enjoy good mental health. Thrive is NOT therapy – it’s the complete opposite to therapy – and it puts you in the driving seat. This means that when you do meet a hurdle in life, you’ll be well-prepared to meet them head on, feeling powerful, capable and positive. With the Thrive Programme there’ll be no stopping you!

The Thrive Programme is a life-changing psychological training programme that empowers you with the skills, insights and resources in order to take control of your life, overcome any symptoms or problems you have, and thrive!  *

* Results can vary from person to person and may be dependent upon the amount of effort a person puts into changing their beliefs

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