Clients Testimonials * treated by The Thrive Programme for Emetophobia in Pinner & Northwood, London

* Results can vary from person to person and may be dependent upon the amount of effort a person puts into changing their beliefs


Chloe – Emetophobia and Anxiety

I began my Thrive journey over 4 years ago. I had suffered from emetophobia for as long as I could remember. In many ways I was a typical emetophobe in that I had anxiety and would avoid certain situations in case I was sick or to prevent sickness. I had tried various types of therapy for many years to overcome my anxiety but nothing worked. I felt helpless and powerless to do anything about it. Then at the end of 2011 I fell pregnant and with that came the dreaded morning sickness!! Thankfully I found Anne and we began working through Thrive together. I was encouraged by her confidence that if I followed Thrive and completed all the exercises in the book, that I would overcome my phobia and anxiety. Sure enough as the weeks progressed, my anxiety eased and although I was still suffering with morning sickness, I was able to cope with it – something I never thought I’d be able to do! I gave birth to my daughter, Ada in August 2012 and a completely new chapter began for me. I was confident and happy and even managed to get married in 2013 without a hint of nerves! Again this was something I could never have imagined before Thrive as I was always worried I’d be too nervous to walk up the aisle and that my anxiety would cause me to wretch or be sick in front of everyone (I’d since learnt that this was down to my social anxiety).

However, although my life had changed significantly, due to the birth of Ada, I hadn’t completed Thrive and slowly but surely I began falling back into old habits. The stresses of my husband’s new job and worries about work began to take their toll and I began losing my self esteem. In 2014 I fell pregnant again and unfortunately suffered with morning sickness once more. I found myself phoning Anne in a panic and was instantly reassured that with her help along with Thrive, we would get me back on track except this time, we would complete the programme. It wasn’t long before my anxiety began to ease again and in July 2015 my son, Harry was born. We kept working through Thrive and it was needed as the pressures of having 2 young children, moving house and work commitments meant that I had let my self esteem get incredibly low. Both myself and my husband were tired and struggling to cope with the stress in our lives, so we both worked through Thrive together with Anne (although we did individual sessions).

Now I have completed the programme and I could never have imagined how our lives would transform thanks to Anne and Thrive. I am a completely different person to when I first began this journey. I am able to cope with problems in a way I never thought I would and if I find myself brooding, I can stop myself in my tracks and move on. My husband recently joked that he used to be ‘the chilled out one’ and that the tables have completely turned. And he’s right! I don’t get stressed out anymore. I know that I am in control and I can look at a problem and calmly try to solve it instead of worrying. And as for Emetophobia – it’s long gone! I now understand that it’s not real. It’s just an emotional over reaction that I had created. Without it, I have no need to avoid any situation in life and am confident in knowing that I won’t teach this anxiety to my children.

Thrive really is life changing and if you want to be the best possible version of you then I would highly recommend this programme to anyone!

Chloe xxxxx


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