* These results can vary from person to person
“Thank you for helping me to stop smoking” from Mick
As you remember, I first visited you on 8th June 2013 with a view to stopping smoking. To say I was sceptical of the outcome would be an understatement. Your resolve and tenacity to see me succeed were all too evident and in the ninety minutes I was with you my attitude had changed dramatically.

It is now some four and a half months later and I am still a NON-SMOKER, all thanks to your fantastic guidance.  I am truly indebted to you Anne and pray everyday for your continued success.

“Thanks so much Anne” from James

Just a quick note to say thank you for the one off session, to teach me how to become a non-smoker.  I have to say, the session was held in a pleasant environment, and you made me feel at ease. and I can’t believe after 90 mins I left your office knowing I wouldn’t not smoke again. After trying dozens of times over 30 years, I cant believe how easy you have made me a happy healthy non smoker.

I would recommend any smoker who wants to quit to see you, probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”


“I stopped smoking easily”  from Martin

I will  never smoke again!Update 1 year later  I’m still not smoking 


“Simply…..A huge thank you” from Dave

Hi Anne, sorry for the delay in writing back to say thanks. To summarise, I had been smoking for in total 31 years, and up to 30/40 per day. I had started suffering from more and more Chest infections, one of these scared the living daylights out of me! Hence the appointment. I was recommended to you.

Your preliminary assessment and chat proved to me that I was in the right place. I came to you with an idea that my motivation to stop smoking was, “my inability to do what I wanted with my body”. The process enabled me to understand that the true reason for stopping smoking was actually my two children and stopping might enable me to live longer and see them develop their lives. That was quite an eye opener to me.

The session seemed to go quite well. I did comment to you that I did not think I would respond to the music as well as voice in the headset. However I bow to a greater knowledge and a true Professional. After only ONE session, I have now been cigarette free for 18 months which equates to a huge saving of around (using an average cost of £6.90) £6,375.60. Try getting that return on an equivalent investment. You rock!

Anne thank you so much, for me the process you apply in diagnostics pinpoints the key area that needs to re-inforced or addressed. Then you ensure it is applied correctly.  Thanks”


 “It’s easier than I imagined from Alison

“Thanks Anne, I’m still not smoking since I saw you 18 months ago and I’ve been on holiday, which is where I thought I may be challenged.  I’ve referred a few people to you too!”