The Thrive Programme Journal

The Thrive Programme A5 Journal is specifically designed to accompany any of the workbooks from the Thrive series which helps you to derive the maximum benefit from the programme.  It encourages you to stay on track by noting your daily thoughts and recognising  successes alongside any unhelpful thinking.  There is also space to reflect on what contributed to you making the most from the day and also to reflect on what you can change or learn for another time.  Once of the key points to The Thrive Programme is PACE (persistent and continuous effort) and the Journal is helpful in keeping you mindful of your thinking and daily effort. *


Research by Dr. Gail Matthews shows that writing and documenting goals in a journal, increases the likelihood of actual achievement by 42%.   The journal helps you to focus your thoughts, to make changes, and to strengthen your commitment to the programme.

In learning how to Thrive and work toward emotional well being, goal setting features as an important factor, and the journal provides an easy way to document your success.

Imagine following Sat Nat instructions driving on a journey from Cambridge to London, if you follow the directions correctly, making consistent progress as you go, you know you will eventually arrive at your destination. Now imagine your journey to health, happiness and success using the same metaphor; The Thrive Programme journal provides the Sat Nav on the road to Thriving!

To find out more about how to use the journal effectively and make your route to Thriving simple, more predictable, and ultimately more successful, watch the video here.

* Results can vary from person to person and may be dependent upon the amount of effort a person puts into changing their beliefs